Q Lemon: Inspiration


My grandma had a lemon tree.

Every winter growing up, we'd visit my grandma in Arizona. She had a lemon tree in her yard. And my absolute favorite thing to do was pick the lemons and then drink the juice straight.

I wanted Q Lemon to taste like it comes from Grandma Jana's tree. Tart, not sweet. So we started with real lemons, lots of them. And then added just a dash of organic cane sugar and some carbonation.

  Calories Sweetener* Parent
San Pellegrino Limonata 108 25g Sugar Nestle
Sprite 96 26g High Fructose Corn Syrup Coca Cola
Q Lemon 50 13g Organic Cane Sugar Jim & Liz

* Per 8oz

So Q Lemon is tart, crisp, and only 50 calories, yet completely refreshing. And makes me think of Grandma Jana. Enjoy. I am,
Jordan Silbert

John Bavaro Illustration